September 21, 2007

Reasons to have frequent sex with your partner

-Better bladder control.
-Relieves menstrual cramps.
-Helps people sleep better.
-Improves digestion.
-Healthier teeth.
-Helps folks remember more.
-Produces chemicals in the brain to stimulate the growth of new dendrites.
-Lowers the level of cortisol, a hormone that can trigger fatigue and cravings.
-Lowers feelings of insecurity.
-Increases level of commitment.
-Less-frequent colds and flu.
-Lower mortality rates.
-Reduced risk of prostate cancer.
-Improves posture.
-Boosts self esteem.
-Makes a person feel younger.
-Firm tummy and buttocks.
-Keeps spouses connected emotionally.
-Offers pain-relief.
-Gives people a positive attitude on life.
-Reduced risk of heart disease.
-Makes a person calmer.
-Improves fitness level.
-Makes a person less irritable.
-Reduced depression.
-Improved sense of smell.
-Has a therapeutic effect on immune system

Don’t ever beliefs the myth that abstinence can sharpen a person's competitive edge.Dont forget that "Good lovers are made, not born." If you truly want your sexual relationship to be all that it can be, take time to communicate with one another your thoughts and your feelings concerning your sexual relationship.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! So there are many benefits to having lots of sex with your husband then?