June 25, 2010


1. Beauty attracts men but wisdom keeps them.

2. Elegance catches men's attention but intelligence convinces them.

3. Nagging irritates men but constructive silence weakens them.

4. The boy in everyman, pumps out occasionally, your ability to handle is a woman's truest maturity.

5. Men have secret struggles and silent pains, should you ever find them out, exhibit the greatest maturity.

6. In d long run, your words matter more to a man than your looks, so invest the right words always.

7. Earn a man's respect & trust and he will consider u d yard stick 4 all his actions.

8. Learn to mould the moods of your man.

9. Men will naturally give u their futures if they recall your maturity in yesterday's issues.

10. Women are everywhere but queens are scarce. Let d queen in u come alive and he will hold u in high esteem.


Emy said...

I like this. I wish I had known some of these truths a few years back. I would have avoided some costly mistakes