November 14, 2007

The Smart Woman Manifesto by Vicki Flaugher

A Smart Woman uses her entire toolbox of experiences,talents,feelings,logic, intuition,education and yes,even her mistakes to live her life authentically engaged.She takes the time to care for herself,evaluate what she really thinks and feels and acts and reacts from a place of patient love,energized compassion and balanced accountability.Choices are opportunities and she welcomes them.Opportunity leads to her future and she faces that future with a ready and willing heart and a nimble and open mind.

A Smart Woman respects other's points of view while still making her own choices. She gives generously to others while nurturing herself.She knows the value of boundaries and is skillful in using them to build stronger relationships.She speaks up when she needs to and she knows how and when to supportively listen as she keeps her vision of peace and tolerance in sight.She knows when to walk away,wishing luck and best wishes to those who are on another path.She knows and values her true worth

Adaptable,caring,capable and clever.She embraces life and triumphantly whoops and hollers her way to joy.She claims her power and her divine birthright as each of us do in a myriad of infinitely beautiful and unique ways,creating a fulfilling life as a Smart Woman.She's not out to prove anything to anybody.She is here to learn,live, love, laugh, and contribute.

I believe we all have a lot to share,to communicate,to witness and to celebrate.I would feel honored and thrilled to know you are by my side.So,what do you think?Are you ready to explore?I hope so,because today,I am making firm plans and those plans include you as my friends.I want to be a Smart Woman with firm plans. Are you?


Merqury said...

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Refinedone said...

Hear! Hear!!