November 20, 2007

Na wa oh!

This our banking job has turned to "Dear Aunty" forum where you get to hear different stories and give advices as you think fit in order to retain your customer and stay close to them.A customer was in my office today to just say hi after a long while and i was just being customer friendly and i asked after her family and it was as if she just needed to talk to just anybody who can empathise with her.She said she lost her husband to cancer about three months ago and since then,she is been through all kind of intimidation and harrassment.She narracted how after his death,she was taken to the village to do all kind of traditional rite and God,her hair was shaven,slept in a darkroom for some days and within days,they started asking for her husband worth and to compound her problem,the family want to pass her down to her husband brother and the fool was even behaving as if he was already expecting the man to die and take over her.She rejected the offer andsince then,she has know no peace and her mother who suppose to know better says she should reconsider her stand as its better for her to be alive to take care of her five kids than face the consequence of her behaviour.She sounded tough and ready to face them all the way but why must she go through that.

Everthing sounded like tales by moonlight to me but the look on the woman i saw and her countenance says it all.Abeg i no understand,i thought that tradition is dead and gone with my grandparent.Can you accept such a proposal and under what condition and what will the brother gain from marrying after five woman?I need somebody to make me see reason bcos as for me tufiakpa!make person wey no fit look my face when magida dey now dey shine kongo-NO


Bola said...

That is our custom for you,it's just a pity that a lot of us claimed to be learned but our reasoning is still that of barbarians.tell her to take solace in the Lord,she should not allowed herself to be pressured into doing something she does not want.

rethots said...

"...i thought that tradition is dead..." my thots too.
You need not see reason to it 'cos for me, i won't even think it not to talk of comtemplating it. 'twill be tough no doubt but, com'n 'ta ni mo fe'?