October 15, 2007

is love enough

I was gisting with a junior friend of mine last week and in the process she asked me a question which honestly i dont have a definate answer and since i know i can always rely on my blogfriends to bail me out.She want to know why is it that despite all the love profess by husband and wife,when push come to show,its not enough to weather all the storm.She wonder why all the hype about love when it can not sustain a relationship till death do us part.


Anonymous said...

for a relationship to last,there must be mutual understanding,trust and respect as part of their foundation.love is just the "icing on the cake".

Anonymous said...

Love is definitely not enough for a relationship to last..commitment and sacrifice is key.love is just a feeling

Sherri said...

could it be that people profess love even as they have no idea what love is?