May 17, 2007

This world is such a funny place,when you think you are the only person having a raw deal in your marriage,wait until you hear other people stories and you will quickly thank God that yours is better compare to others.I was sitting jejely in my office when this my newly found customer friend walked in and i just noticed that she wasnt herself and i wanted to be polite and you know in this era of target,you have to use all tactics to get your customer to bring more money and asked her why she was looking somehow unlike her radiant self.That simple question brought out her story on a nasty experience she is passing through.She said she suspected her husband of ten years was dating another woman and had no time for his family as he hardly stay at home and her investigation revealed that he was dating a married custom woman and they had been on it for a while and she got to know their rendevous and went there to embarrassed them thoroughly,she even went further to report the matter to the woman's husband to beg his wife to leave her husband for her but it cause a lot of problem between her and her husband's family,they even threaten to throw her out and her husband supported them,claiming she is a bad wife and what if the woman's husband send assassin on him and that he is the only surviving son of his parent and will rather leave her than to lose his life but they eventually settled it.She said last month,she got information again that they are back together and even more involved than before,so she did the same thing all over again but this time around,it boomerang.The woman's husband sent her packing and her husband brought her in and infact,they now live in the same compound and her husband is all over her as if she even be chasis.She rake and raked but to no solution and her husband position is,she caused it and must live with the consequence of her action and all his family except one or two of his uncle supported him.She just started crying and i was at loss on what to do,iam neither a counsellor nor a pastor but had to say some soothen words to her.Seriously now,i think she took it too far,her business is with her husband and not the other parties but what do you feel


C'est Moi said...

I started to write a whole tirade of abuses when I remembered that I was talking about Nigerian men.

She is a strong woman because she stood up to her husband and refused to stand for his infidelty. But this is more than cheating. It is obvious he has feelings for this other woman, enough to disregard his own wife.

His logic amazes me, so if you stole from me and went to prison as a result of your crime, would you blame me? So he cheated, and not just with another woman, a MARRIED woman for that matter, If her husband decided to retaliate, I would not blame him.

The guy is utterly shameless, and if his wife is financially secure, then I really think she should be examining her options. If she is not, then I really do not know what to say.

I hope things work out for her though because i am sure she doesn't deserved to be treated like that. No woman does.

Waffarian said...

Since "c'est moi" will not insult, abeg, let me do it. The man is a fool and should be discarded like the useless thing that he is. I pity the woman, the man does not respect her or their home. These men! That they dare to do these disgusting deeds? treat another human being like that? Tell your friend I can hook her up with some waffy thugs if she should ever feel the need to shit on their faces.

Ubong Da said...

Na whao o! I find it difficult to believe that a man would bring another woman (a tokunboh) for that matter back to his home to replace his once upon a time chasis wife.

A lot of my married friends do have smallees outside but none would ever think of replacing their wife with their smallee.

Hmm Is the man in question from a different generation the +45 breed of men? The under 40 men I know wouldn't do this.

anijawife said...

Ubong na lie be that,we see your under 40 men with their big aunties and they ended up making them honorable if yawa gas,no tell me that-you wan tell me say ur under 40 no dey shine other people kongo.The authentic wife is not driven away but give her competition wey she no bargain for,you think say to share share your kini with somebody and with ur knowledge easy

LittleGirlLost said...

Her business is with neither of them. Her husband cannot make it any more clearer what he thinks of his wife. You will know a man by his fruits, these include how he looks after his wife and children. In this case its obvious that the man is useless.

Its time to let go and let him be that other womans problem. The other other woman may be high on lust at the moment but one day she will begin to wonder what type of a man is capable of doing what he did to his wife and the fear that he may do the same to her will not give her peace at night.

If its financial support she's afraid of losing or she fears divorce they can go on a looooooooooong separation but she needs to remove herself from this situation and start afresh.

Anonymous said...

Women should stop taking this RUBBISH. The man deserves to be assassinated sef. EEEEEDIOT

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