May 11, 2007


I sit and dream, I dream a dream,

I dream of the future, the future of here and now,

I dream of a woman, an African woman-

Standing tall and strong,

With confidence, courage and determination,

Held together by the motherly bond of love,

She nurtures and fends for all those under her wings,

With success to her left and success to her right,

Matching her future with her own pace and rhythm,

Someone once told me that dreams do come true,

But when I wake up my dream has no reality,

Looking into the eyes of many women, I see a frame,

A frame of this woman, waiting to be unleashed,

The deeper I look, then I realise,

Shackles holding her back and wearing her down,

So what do I have now, what's left for me?

But to hold on to my dreams and be what I am,

Just a dreamer, dreaming a dream

Wake up you dreamer dreaming your dream,

Wake up and awake from your dreams.

It's one thing to dream and another to foam,

So stand strong sweet dreamer you are not alone,

I too have dreams but I fulfil them

through hard work, patience, proper preparation and a positive mind.

We all can turn our dreams into realities.

They said I wouldn't make it, I'd fall and falter

but I won't give in because I know in me I can alter,

Alter and make a better place for all humans

because I am A WOMAN,

I stand and shine, A WOMAN

with strength and empowerment- As a WOMAN

I have, I can and I will.

Many a dream have come true,

Many a woman have made it through,

With pioneers like Asha Rose Migiro, Condoleeza Rice,

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to name a few

Showing us that with a dream, a vision and a plan

we can turn it all into reality.

So wake up all your dreamers, dreaming your dreams,

Wake up and unfetter your dreams,

Only you are able to,

So please reach out all you dreamers,

Reach out to this anticipating world.


Anonymous said...

Did you write that?
Beautiful just beautiful. Though a little formatting wouldnt go amiss.

anijawife said...

Thanks-just cant get the formatting right

refinerd said...

Wow!! you wrote this? girl you have some hidden talents o!! pls let it out....

refinedone said...

Wow!! you wrote this? girl you have some hidden talents o!! pls let it out...

Sherri said...

very nice.
i think it's time to live your dream..

Waffarian said...

Well done, that was good!

custom written paper said...

that was really good! I think it worth to compose some music to this lyric, and make a song from it