March 15, 2007

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my frustrations with the institution of marriage in the context of how culture and society makes us inferior to men,making them belief they could just treat us anyhow since the society favour them and how as a woman no matter how much you love your husband,this issues affect you one way or the other as nija men already have a mindset of how their wife should behave,talk,eat and run her life for her without any resistance but along the line,i shifted my focuss to include other women as we are all in the same boat and need to have a common voice to fight this injustice.I get mails from my readers wanting to know if what i write assually happened and i just laughed and wonder if the people asking are women living in Nija as these issues happen on daily basis here and my fellow nijawomen abroad cant understand why we go through all that to remain mrs somebody but they can not understand.


Refinedone said...

..I hear you.

So what do we do? I am a solution driven person...what can be done.

I am not a male basher..i'll like to clear that up...I am all for happy/ working marriages..In a marriage both couple should be happy and satified physically and should it be a re-educating of both men and women ...of what they both should be giving in a marriage ( not just receiving)
...Is is a re-education of what marriage is and should be in Nigeria?...of boundaries ...of true intimacy? ...what exactly. the culture of what is acceptable now.

I dont want to throw the baby away with the bath water, but I know there are things( lots) we can learn from 2-3 generation past of wivies and mothers...but also todays woman/wife and mother has times to teach...things we have improved on that should be where do we start?

Nijawife said...

Thats basically the essense of this blog and its through interaction like this we can learn from one another.

t said...

I just watched Deepa Mehta's "Fire"'s a controversial Indian film about wives who have an affair with each other. It's not acceptable to everyone, but the story is poignant.