February 26, 2007

We women need to talk to ourselves,we are the architect of our misfortune in the hands of men.How can we be complaining of men being insensitive to us and we are encouraging it by our actions.My cousin invited me to her husband 45th birthday celebration yesterday though i had my reservation in going as the husband used to be someone i respected but he lost it when he impregnated one omo onimaggi in Agege market and he is not even remorseful about it.This guy used to be a banker before he was laid off in the days of voodo banking and it was really tough for them to make ends meet and my cousin stood by him and their situation got so bad then that my cousin daddy was maintaining them and paying their kids school fees(2 kids).About five years ago,things started getting better for them as one of his uncle employed him in his hotel along lekki and my cousin open a medicine store.i think he is making money and started living big though he is good to the family but four year ago,the mother informed my cousin that since she has decided to close her legs after two kids,somebody who is ready is expecting a baby for her husband and infant she would prefer she see her as wife and that issue destabilise the family for a while but the lady was living elsewhere with her daughter.She was at the party,behaving like a real gutter girl and was so rude and saucy to everybody,just because she wanted to proof she has a stake in the man's life.At a point a friend of theirs asked my cousin if the girl wearing the same attire with her kids is the husband baby not knowing the mentalo wife was there and she just started shouting and cursing everybody and before we know it,she started fighting her husband sister and the husband was really humiliated with the bush girl attitude as all the guests left in annoyance and my cousin was just crying with her kids.How can a girl who snatched another person husband be behaving like that and for God sake-dont we women have pride again and to what extent do we need to go to get a man by all means and is it really worth the troubles?Lets talk to ourselves and make men realise we are not toy and without our coperation,they cant do it alone-we need to be there for each other and be our brothers keepers not spoilers.