February 28, 2007


I read the above and decided to make my comment on my blog.Men are just like that and we must ensure we keep our sanity no matter the circumstances.He did not humiliate your aunty but himself,let her continue to be good,take care of her kids and do what makes her happy and never stress herself over his philandering.Men has been condition to belief its their world and can do as they like and if we cant tolerate it,we can move but who want to move after how many years and to where.Our culture is not favourable to women at all,despite everybody knowing that man is something else,try and move out and see the same people calling you names.It remind me of an incidence that happened to my friend two years ago,her husband told her he was going on a course in Abuja for three days-friday to sunday and like a dutiful wife,she packed all kind of assorted for him and even dropped him at the airport but alas the man destination na badagry on a rendevous with a lady and just coincidentally,my friend had some shopping to do across border and asked her husband friend,a custom to meet her at the border to avoid custom harrassment and behold they saw the man carrying luggage for his escort and immediate he saw my friend-he started shouting mama damola kilo wa de bi?yes they told me and i never belief,how come you didnt remind me you were coming to badagry today.The man frightened a hell out of her and even threatened to deal with her when he get back home and you can imagine my friend horror-the aggrieved turned to the accused.His friend was just saying mama damola take it easy,we will sort it out later and she could not even asked him any question and when the stupid man got home,he called his wife family for a meeting over it and they had to begged him and scolded my friend for allowing the husband friend as if that was not their pattern of bringing things in,to meet her at the border when she knew her husband was out of town and nobody could asked him how is trip to Abuja ended in Badagry and turning himself to kaya for a lady.When i later saw the custom man and asked him how he felt about his friend reaction,he just said that was the only way to escape being query about his movement and needed to turned the table on her and that all the show na bobo to cow the woman-imagine that


Refinedone said...

Incredible!! is all I can say to that.. It's not always you find me speechless ... but what can be done?....The culture does not help, if anything it encourages behaviour like this. How sad