January 31, 2007

I tried my luck yesterday with my brother in law advice.My man came home early yesterday,around 9pm with isiewu and immediately he entered,he just called the children to come and chop life with him and me too just joined them without being called and he was like i bought this for myself and my kids to enjoy and no intruder should join them.Ordinarily,i would just have left them but i remembered my bros in law advise that i should be claiming my right and just ignore his comments.I just did as if i did not hear him and continue enjoying the meat and i noticed that he was suprised and didnt say anything again.To make him say something,i asked my first born to put one of his daddy's wine in the fridge so that i can fully enjoy myself.The man did not say anything but just looking at me strangely as if wentin dey do her today.The message i got from it is that men like refinedone said always like it when you make them feel indispensable and their existence in your life is everything and that makes them feel important.Well,if all i need is to grease his ego,why not


Anonymous said...

simply marvellous!!
u are on the right track girl..
keep showing him love and affection.
what your sister in law and most women don't understand is that you can get your point across without being contentious. everyone knows you can be more effective when u are calm and objective.
remember, the battle is the Lord's
which means that victory is sure!

stay blessed.


Anonymous said...

awesome! im not done reading your blog, but i pray and hope that things continue to look up. no woman deserves a wicked man.

Anonymous said...

My sister,may God help u o.Show him love and pray fervently. I pray ur marriage works.