January 31, 2007

My brother in-law and his wife came visiting Monday evening as they thought i would be home as their offices permitted them to observed the holiday but you know bank work na elele and we never know which level of Government we belong to as my bank insisted we are not Federal Govt workers and as such,come we must but trust workers to find their way.I was there till 5pm and got home on time.

We gisted on various issues and finally said he brought his wife so that i can talk to her as she is too quarrelsome and always want to have her say and he always tell her that she should look at my example as everybody knows his brother is no nonsense man and i still take everything and instead of her to count herself luck,she is always claiming right.Our wife just blew up that what nonsense is he taking about,she can never be a stooge to anybody because she want to stay married,that its a two way thing and she can not be made and will never be made a dummy in her house and that they know what their brother is doing is bad and nobody can tell him and he is now trying to make her look like no submissive wife and if want he want is house girl and baby making machine-then he is in for a joke and i was just feeling somehow as it goes to show that they never supported such behaviour and everybody pretended as if they dont know and it takes their disagreement for me to know how they see me.I calmed them down and told them that two relationship can not be the same and both of them should never compare what they have with another person own and that i see them as ideal couple and little things should never come between them.

After we resolved their issue,my bros in law now said aunty dont mind my wife but i think you too need to be firm with my brother,dont always make him feel he can do anything and you dont have a choice than to accept.Can you see life?