July 9, 2009


A young Nigerian man named Oku meets an attractive girl and starts
going out with her. Soon enough the two are inseparable and they agree to marry.

Oku takes the girl home so that she can meet his parents.
After the meeting, Oku tells his dad of intention to marry the girl
and asks for His blessings. The old man flatly refuses to give his blessing

Oku is shocked and asks his father to give him a reason for his refusal.
The old man pulls his son aside and confides ' Oku my son, the girl
you want to marry is your sister, but let us keep it between
ourselves because your mommy doesn't know.'

Oku is flabbergasted and cannot believe this. He leaves his dad and
remains distraught. After a few days of this frustration, his mother
notices it and asks her son what is troubling him. Seeing it is his
Mommy and feeling betrayed he tells his mom his dad's little secret.

The mom pauses for a minute and then starts to smile. She looks at
his son and tells him ' Oku, if you love the girl then you should be with her, so
marry her.' Oku is surprised by this and asks his mother ' what about
what I've just told you? You do realize she is my sister?' The mom leans in and
whispers to her Son- ' Oku, your daddy isn't your father, but your daddy doesn't know.