November 4, 2008

10 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Was Single

1) Marriage doesn't "develop" the good traits.If you don't cultivate patience, joy, gentleness, kindness, etc. before marriage, they aren't going to miraculously appear when you've wed.

2) If you can't joyfully submit to your parents, you won't joyfully submit to your husband.

3) If you develop a "grass is greener" mentality while single, marriage won't feel as fulfilling as you dream it to be. Contentedness is something you must cultivate while single. If you aren't content as a daughter, you won't be magically become content as a wife.

4) Cultivate a schedule (along with a daily quiet time) because you have to schedule life around children. If you can function on a schedule as a single young lady, then you will flourish as a wife and mother.

5) Learn to play with your siblings. If you can't "enjoy" your brothers and sisters, it will be hard to "delight" in your children. You will love your children, yes... but you will not become a "fun" person through childbirth.

6) Learn to give. Make your life as a single young woman about serving others. (Make sure to do this through the leadership of your father so that you choose wisely and don't overextend yourself.) If you make your single years about "serving self," it is very difficult to "kill off self" once you're married.

7) Learn to please your earthly father. This relationship will give you the vital ability to discern what will bless your future husband. Granted, every man is different... but if you seek to do your father good, it will be easy to seek to do your husband good.

8) Consider your mother your mentor. Learn from her... Study her... Memorize her movements and schedules. One day you will be the "home manager."

9) Learn to enjoy and have fun with "just" your family. If you need friends to make life fun while single, the same will apply when married.

10) Learn to follow a budget and shop wisely. Regardless of your family's "mode" of living, generally marriage is started off on a simple budget. You will be a great blessing to your husband if you manage carefully the money he gives to you.

Culled from homemakerscottage