September 11, 2008

Something to ponder on

When you feel yourself getting upset/angry/frustrated, ask yourself, "How much will this really matter to me in a day? A week? A month?" Asking helps you gain perspective.Screaming obscenities at traffic will not get you there any faster.There is no shame in admitting that you need help. Don't be afraid to ask for it and don'be afraid to help someone who needs it - A lot of bad things happen in the world because people are afraid to get involved.Care about others and give them a hand when they need it.Sometimes all they need is a chance to help themselves and you can be the one enables that!

There comes a point where you know yourself. It's something you age into, one of the many benefits of aging. At that point you know that where you're from isn't the same as who you are.What you have isn't the same as who you are. Who you're with isn't the same as who you are.What you do isn't the same as who you are.It is very important to like and love yourself. Either learn to like the person you are, or change yourself to be more like the person you want to be.

Recognize that despite all your best efforts, you cannot control the lives of others or know what is best for any person other than yourself. Be content with just controlling yourself. Listening to friends and family will bring you closer to them and enrich you more than talking at them will.

Marriage is work. Marriage takes effort... love and understanding are rare. You deserve to love someone who loves you back, anything less is not good enough. A true partnership is not something that just happens - it’s a full time job. Marriage requires that both parties have the utmost respect for one another, implicit trust in each other and a willingness to compromise. -Its OK to love a man who doesn't dote on you and still have a very happy marriage.

When you think you’re ready to start looking for a spouse, look at your friends first. Figure out which qualities you like, love and admire in your longest lasting friends. Look for those qualities in a spouse. Marry your friend. Friendship is the most enduring aspect of marriage, sex you can get anywhere.

Sex is what you make it. It is your choice whether it's just going to be sex, or if it going to mean more to you. Whatever your expectations, it is your responsibility to let the other person know, before you have sex.It's impossible to fully understand the dynamics between two people; therefore, it's OK if your friends or relatives have relationships that seem strange, like something you yourself wouldn't want. You never know what's at the core of it, that might be just what they need in life.

Don't live your life expecting everyone and everything to be perfect. Your standards are your standards, be realistic and don't feel guilty if you don't live up to anyone else's. Trust your instincts where your life is concerned. Listen to your inner voice.Tomorrow is not promised to us, so live your life as though today is all you have. Grief and loss can make people either bitter or incredibly grateful for what they've had, either way, it's a choice

Pick your battles. Some are worth winning, some are not, some you'll never win. Expend your energy wisely. No one likes somone who wins all the time, so pick which battles you don't mind losing. It goes a long way towards getting cooperation when something is important to you.
It's important to play by the rules so that society doesn't fall apart, but it's also important to understand that some laws are wrong.

Time is an awesome commodity. It heals wounds, and it gives you energy. It also saps your strength if you let it create limits for you. Every day is a miracle. Don’t waste any. Find some way to appreciate life every single day. Savor the really special moments/times in life so that they become a part of your everyday life. Relive the happy moments from your childhood now and then. Go to the zoo. Go to the museum. Throw rocks into the water. Be bored sometimes. Never, ever take those you love for granted. Tell them you love them TODAY, give them a hug TODAY. Take time to appreciate why you love those you love...and tell them!



"Never, ever take those you love for granted. Tell them you love them TODAY, give them a hug TODAY"

Ah, good thing I did that today. But, i will also extend a big 'shoutout' to yourself and all of blogville!!!

Love ya lots!

Nijawife said...

Thanks mam,how are babies and the daddy?sorry!and you too