September 25, 2008

Enjoy the joke-If men were banks

The easy going ones that like to keep their own peace but doesn’t care deeply-- Oceanic Bank
The happy ones that would spend money on you carelessly just to have you but not for love-- InterContinental Bank
The small home boy who will always say “you’re welcome” — First Inland Bank
Those that are lousy, think everything is possible and can even rape you when they hear “NO”-- Bank PHB
The gentleman who cares about his lady, …very faithful, even when she misbehaves --Fidelity Bank
The tall guys that say “Yes” when they mean to lie, they’ll say “don’t worry” when indeed you’re missing - Skye Bank
The very old stingy guys who think that a lady must pay her own bill yet “dem wan do” -- UBA
The very proud and arrogant ones who loves titles, think they are unique and always brag dey can take you there. -- Zenith Bank
The old Papa who doesn’t know how to dress, walk or dance well but can be trusted-- Union Bank
Those who are nervously social and in a hurry to pamper you even when you don’t need it because dem no dey get enuf time,– Access Bank
The gold diggers who want to share everything with ladies - Partnership that doesn’t work – Equitorial Trust Bank
Those that request you to respect them by all means because they are men too, afterall, our small MD too na man!!!!– FCMB
Those that are too shy to express their feelings even when they love you – Sterling Bank
Those that are very old with pot belly …the sugar daddy that loves to “boogie” – First Bank
Those that are okay sha! …but unfortunately not ready for love, they want to be on their own – Diamond Bank
Those “anyhow guys” that want to encourage themselves to stand tall even where they are short – AfriBank
The fine gentleman, handsome, lovely, amicable, trustworthy and cool but doesn’t like to mingle– GT Bank
Those that are “born again” and would not want ladies that can stress them-- Ecobank
Those that are old but still behaves childishly – the mummy’s big boys – Unity Bank
The civil servant who complains too much about lean purse – Spring Bank
Those who smoke, drink and gamble too much and doesn’t care what anybody says; ‘my promotion comes from the Lord’ – Wema Bank
The ones that want to “form big boy” even when they are poor –Stanbic IBTC
The immature ones that want ‘big things’--
Micro Finance Bank.




lol! where did you find this? =)

R4Biz said...

fabulous. thanks.