June 6, 2008


A sister and a friend in my church asked me this question-have you ever been tempted and i tried to explained to her that as human being,we all get tempted now and then but as a child of God,we must know when to seperate fantasy from reality.

In as much as blood still flows in our veins and we still feels,we wil always get attracted but how you handle or comport yourself matters.The fact that we are married does not say when we see fine boy we will not know or when a cool guy guy walks in,we will not acknowledge and feel somehow,its part of life but we must know the boundry.

But the sister no wan gree with all my historic and just say you ve not answered my question and i wonder what she want me to say.My sisters in marriage,can you help please!


Anonymous said...

I've been married for a few years now. Even though my spouse is the most handsome and the best thing a woman could even have, l still feel tempted.My own temptation is what l called unpure thought, always having this desire of seeing my ex.But by the Blood of the Lamb, l'm overcomer, by meditating on the word of the Lord for my marriage.And also, by thinking of the good things why l married my husband in the first place.Guard yourself with the word of God.