June 2, 2008

Haba, male chauvinistic

The man discovered WEAPONS and invented HUNTING,
the woman discovered HUNTING and invented FURS.

The man discovered COLOURS and invented PAINT,
the woman discovered PAINT and invented MAKEUP.

The man discovered the WORD and invented CONVERSATION,
the woman discovered CONVERSATION and invented GOSSIP.

The man discovered GAMBLING and invented CARDS,
the woman discovered CARDS and invented WITCHERY.

The man discovered AGRICULTURE and invented FOOD,
the woman discovered FOOD and invented DIET.

The man discovered FRIENDSHIP and invented LOVE,
the woman discovered LOVE and invented MARRIAGE.

The man discovered WOMEN and invented SEX,
the woman discovered SEX and invented HEADACHES.

Man discovered TRADING and invented MONEY
Woman discovered MONEY and that's when it all got screwed up



hahaha, so women screwed things up, eh? too funny!

How are you doing? I hope the family is well?

God bless!

Nijawife said...

Thanks madam,we are doing great and yours?