April 6, 2008

The New & Improved Good Wife's Guide

1.Plan dinner for yourself and family.Even if the food has a "Mc" in front or a "King" behind,it still counts as a dinner you planned.Making reservations is also considered planning as is asking your husband to pick something up on the way home from work.

2.Take a nap if possible,after all,you deserve it.Feeding,cleaning,dressing and running after children all day is hard work.Plus,if you are rested,you are less stress.Also to make yourself "fresh-looking",have the hubby watch the kids for you so you can take a nice relaxing bath and maybe have time to shave.He'll love that.

3.Do whatever makes you happy.If you enjoy dancing around the house in your underwear then do it.And do it for yourself not for your spouse because being "gay" for his benefit is just plain gay.

4.If you're lucky enough to have a "play room" then you can only hope that the majority of the toys will remain in there.If not,have the kids clean them up at the end of the day before bedtime.There's no point in putting them away while they are still playing.Randomly throwing toys into said playroom counts as cleaning up,as does piling laundry in the corner of a room.If you don't get the opportunity to clean up clutter,it's a sure fire sign that you had something better to do.

5.As long as there is nothing living or breathing in the inch high dust that covers the TV,cabinets or shelves,it can wait.And if your washer,dryer or dishwasher are running when your husband comes home,well it's a sign that you've obviously been busy that day.

6.Building a fire is fun if you have a fireplace.And if you do,try not to "accidentally" knock your husband into it when he picks a fight even though that might bring you "immense personal satisfaction."

7.Children get dirty.If there is even a spec of mud in the backyard,they will find it.As long as their hands are clean before they eat and as long as they aren't smearing dirt on your new carpet or couch then they're clean enough for the time being.If their loud voices drive you crazy,send them outside where they can drive the neighbors crazy.And to fix any hair issues,make them wear a hat.Also,if they want to jump all over their father the minute he walks in the door,let them. After all,they've most likely been jumping all over you all day.

8.Be happy to see your husband,even if not on time and in a bad mood.

9.Give him a hug when he walks in the door,if he doesn't smell of another woman's perfume,give him a kiss too.If you missed him,tell him.If you actually want to know how his day went,ask him.And if you love him,remind him.

10.Make a list of all of the things you need or want to tell your husband when he comes home.In the midst of waching football or reading dailies,you'll most likely forget and this way you can hit every topic over dinner.Giving pop quizzes afterwards always helps to drive your points across,although it might make him mad.

11.If you had a stressful day,you have the right to complain about it and as your husband he has the obligation to listen and vice versa.If he goes out after work and stays out late,you also have the right to be upset.And you retain the right to turn off your cell phone the next time you're out with the girls.

12.If you can make one room tranquil and peaceful then do it.You need somewhere to escape and find yourself.

13.If he wants to go out for a few drinks after work then compromise.You should be able to go out one night also,it's only fair.

14.If you've both had a rough day then having drinks prepared is not a bad idea, especially if there is no alcohol included.

15.Arranging your husband's pillow is a nice gesture,just try not to "arrange" it over his face.Of course if you're speaking in low,pleasant tones while you're doing it,it could still be considered a nice gesture.

16.If something doesn't seem right to you,ask questions.Just because your husband is a man doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants.Remember,where there is a King of the castle, there is also a Queen......

17.A good wife always knows her place, on top of her throne where she shall be worshipped by all.


Charizard said...

Do you really do these stuvz???

NaijaEcash said...

Nice tips. But I would have love it re-arranged so that we can have one tip per paragraph. I know you are busy. But when you have the time please do rearrange it. It will help the readers to read the whole article.
Thanks for sharing (even though I am not a queen) ;-)

Nijawife said...

Thanks naijaecash but i dont know why it refuse to paragraph and just muddle up.I think i need assistance from you all though i tried what charizard suggested but no show

Malik said...

Most Nigerian wives i know would not agree with your #1 guide. Fast foods are not tolerated in Naija homes.