February 16, 2008

My Valentine note to my husband

My husband na typical Africa man that doesnt belief in Valentine celebration but woman go be woman and will always have that feeling to be part of the celebration,so i decided to drop the note for him since he is not a card person.

Valentine's love from me to you from the bottom of my heart.Valentine is a day to honor those we love;I choose to honor you,as well as God above.Love is not red roses,or a fancy dinner for two;Love is meant for all as Christ is meant for you. Love is not rich chocolates,or a bottle of pink champagne;Love is full of kindness, through God,you can attain.Love is very patient,made up of words so kind;Forgiveness is of love,with a humbleness of mind.I send to you my love,on this Valentine's Day; Filled with joy and peace,in God's loving way.


Bola said...

You've done great.No matter how afrikaan he be,he cannot but appreciate the note.It was special.Hope you gave him some other Val special too?

Nijawife said...

i no know book o but i can honestly say i felt great that day with the knowledge that jesus loves me.