February 22, 2008

Love your partner unconditioanally

Valentine week has come and gone but couples must continue to express love that should abound between them. It should be borne in mind that the institution of marriage was ordained by God right from time immemorial. After the creation of Adam, God deemed it necessary to provide him with a “help meet” by the name Eve.It was and has ever been the interest of God to see marriage couples live together in peace and love.

The basis of every marriage should transcend beyond nothing but love. A marriage void of love between both spouses is bound to collapse at the slightest occurrence of life’s turbulent sea. The force of love remains the only cord that can bind both couples together till death do them apart. That love should be tantamount to an attraction that exists between a magnet and a piece of metal. It would be completely ironic to see a man or woman ashamed to be seen together with his/her partner in public.When you become very uncomfortable to be around your spouse in public, then it goes to prove that there isn’t that passion and love for her.

The quest for love has to be the foundation of a marriage.Experience has shown that if the husband loves his wife with passion and true love,ninety percent of the time the wife would reciprocate that love.The end product is abundant peace and harmony in the home.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of marriages shattered by hatred, bitterness and regret. Some husbands would say clandestinely, “How in the world did I marry this woman? She is quite older in age, not as educated as I am, not attractive, so tiny or too fat.” The Bible says “Husbands, love your wives…” It’s too late; you really have no choice at this time. Whether your wife is five or more years older than you, not attractive, and not as educated, you have been instructed to love her. Doing otherwise would be a clear violation of the scriptures.

If you refer to yourself as a husband and you have perfected the act of refraining from helping your wife to shoulder most of her burdens,then you are not fit to be a husband.You seat and watch that poor woman do all the domestic work at home even after she returns from a stressful day at work.All you do is to treat her like a slave and a second class being.From all life’s ramifications,your wife is supposed to be an embodiment of your joy and all your accomplishments.Remember that “a bird at hand is worth twice in the bush.If you are thinking about extramarital affairs or trying to divorce your wife for a demonic loser Jezebel out there,you could be gambling with your entire life’s prospect.Whether your wife is tiny,fat,uneducated, ugly,too short,have attitude problem,an introvert,an extrovert,medical problems, disable,and so on:you have been instructed by God to love her.

As a provider,you are using the excuse of a busy work and tight schedule to deny your wife the love,passion and care she needs,it would be indistinguishable to Christ denying you of His love,forgiveness and compassion.Love your wife,cherish her,admonish her and be tender hearted towards her.Always remember the first time you met her and fell in love with her.Let that love be rekindled and you will feel the express peace of God overshadow your home once again.

Finally, remember that your eternal destiny could be determined by how your treat your wife.