January 25, 2008

Strange Soap Opera

I got back from my vacation last Sunday and was face with all kind of headlines on the Obasanjo family saga and just pissed off. I just don’t know what to make out of it, its really terrible how two people who were so much in love years ago could now go all out to damage themselves and their families. The issue is not the divorce but what of the effect of their actions which will affect their kids whether now or in future, who ever advice them to go all out must definitely be an enemy. They could just have quietly divorce and go their separate ways. What really surprise me on their issue is why two adults will come out and expose all the secrets shared between them when the going was good-I beg watch what you tell your partners about your past, its not about not being trustful but just to be on the safe side in case.Why do you think they have to go that far or rather washing their dirty linen out for everybody to see-its really cracy,not funny at all and nothing to enjoy from the soap opera.I really agreed with Funmi Iyanda submission on the episode:


AnyaPosh said...

I know o! That whole thing was pretty scary. So many skeletons in that family closet.

This is my 1st time stopping by your blog, I plan to come back!

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