November 7, 2007

Marital Myths-True or False

-People marry because they are passionately "in love."

-People should marry because they are madly in love.

-Married people "love" (again, meaning wild ecstatic passion) each other.

-Maintaining "romantic" love is the key to marital happiness.

-Marriages should be totally happy and most of life's satisfactions should come from the partner.

-Marriage is meant to MAKE you happy.

-Opposites always attract. Marriage will cure loneliness.

-Partners must be totally honest and tell all.

-Good marriage partners agree on every issue and never fight.

-Incompatible couples can't have a successful marriage.

-Volatile marriages never last, quiet unions last.

-Good sex means a good marriage.

-No sex means a bad marriage

-A good marriage will mean good sex...

-Problems in the relationship always affect sex...

-An affair always means there are problems or something lacking
in the marriage.

-An affair will always destroy a marriage.

-An affair will always enhance a marriage

-A good partner never thinks of him/herself.

-A good partner never put himself him/her self first.

-The husband's work is more important than the wife's career.

-Husbands are happier when their wives are homemakers.

-In an argument someone has to be wrong and it is important to know who.

-Most marriages can't survive a period of hate. In a good marriage, sex will take care of itself.

-Married people understand each other without talking.

-Good marriages simply happen ("are made in heaven")

-Every problem must be resolved...

-A lover can be made over to your liking after the marriage.

-In a secure, devoted marriage, things do not change.

-Everyone knows what makes for a good wife and a good husband.

-Every one is equal to the task of love and marriage.

-Having children will improve and stabilize a marriage.

-Today's "normal" family is happy and doesn't have any real problems.

-A "normal" family is the nuclear family...

-A bad marriage should be held together for the children's sake.

-After the "high" of the first few months, marriage is all work and disagreements.

-Once gone, love can't be rekindled.

-Love never dies..

-Love is all you need...

-Love conquers all...

-Getting a divorce and finding another partner will solve most of the problems.


Bola said...

Hey,i beg to differ with this myth:An affair will always enhance a marriage,NO WAY,an affair will mean the end of trust in a marriage and when trust is lacking,the marriage is headed for the rocks.I will always see him as someone who can do it again and again.But I pray for GRACE to be able to forget after forgiving.

Refinedone said...

9-true(using wisdom)
14-true(an unhappy marriage, unless for health/disability reason)
16-very true
18-No not always
22-false( the fullfillment of both partners are equaly important)
23-Not always
24-soo false
26-No way! False
30-so false
32-true(everyone may know, but what make for a good wife/husband depends on the needs of the other partner)
33-Not sure o! ( guess by Gods grace)
34-so false!
37-No,unless the two are ready to work at improving the marriage.
39-false, sometime rekindled love can be sweeter/better than the first time round.
40-What love are you talking about? depends I would say
42-True Love/unconditional love True!
43-Divorce should be that absolute last resort-Divorce does not always solve the problem(cos you may be the problem and and other partner can not solve that bt you)

Anijawife- as you see i no get wok do :) ...made me think though.

Nijawife said...

My sis,trust you to do justice to the myths,i think its fair,i make my own opinion too public abi?.Madam bola,do better justice to the myths now,no be where it concern your core course wey somebody wan intrude alone you go answer now

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple, one should only get married if they are ready and know what it takes to be a good marriage mate. Marriage is to be forever and when a person is not aware of what forever entails, that is when affairs and things of that sort creep into the picture.

Love the person you are with and know that you want to spend the rest of your natural life with them and if this thought scares you, then do not even move forward.
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CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

refinedone, u have time o

rethots said...

My fear is that eventually love is not all that matters.
This pretty easy to say but, i think to marry then one must swim (or sink) with the marriage.