August 1, 2007

What Every Wife Needs to Know

·Saying I love you, never gets old. Showing your affection with little gestures and thoughtful gifts of appreciation are excellent ways to maintain the romance.

·Discuss your needs with your husband. We often mistake love for mind reading. Our husbands cannot read our minds and know absolutely what we need. By telling them about our needs and listening to theirs, we are both more likely to be satisfied.

·Women are nurturers by nature. We like to take care of our families, our husbands and our children. Never treat your husband like one of your children. Sometimes, when you over nurture - you can set a precedent that causes you issues in the future. Take care of them, but don't do everything for them

·Courtesy and consideration should only be enhanced by marriage, not forgotten. While familiarity can lead to contempt in some cases, avoid that. Your husband still deserves all of the kindness, consideration and courtesy you extended before you were married. Just the same way you do.

·Control issues like finances and other major household decisions can be a bone of contention, even in newly married couples. Be sure to discuss with your husband before doing major shopping. Check in with him on things like grocery lists - it can't hurt to get their input and they will appreciate it

·Your husband's upbringing may influence how he feels about doing household chores. Don't assume that he will take care of only designated male chores. If you want his help with things, communicate that. More often than not, your husband will want to help - he just won't naturally know what you want done.

·Men are protective by nature. That protective nature can sometimes seem stifling. Try to understand that your husband does trust you, he just doesn't trust anyone else. Communicate with him and work together to make sure he can still protect you, while not limiting your personal sense of freedom.

Can we think of other suggestions for us oldies,future and new wives please?

Happy new month to everybody!


AbujaBabe said...

Luvin Your Blog


Student001 said...

Thanks for bringing this issue up. Had a big bust-up with one of my female mates lately. She was quick to tell me that all what her Mom labored to teach her as a young woman to be a great wife of tomorrow was of no consequence and in fact a waste of her precious time, she reckons.

My heart bled and could not help but think that with this mindset of a Sista in Europe; it is not yet uhuru for our quest to marry virtuous sistas.

A beg Sista Help us Help our Sistas.

Viaduct said...

The weeks blog is very interesting, but howmany women or men for that matter speack on these things before jumping the broom(as African -Americanscall it). I am glad that my intended was raised to see cleaning the house as a male chore... but that may be bad cause he is a clean freak... One issuse that I believe should be on the list is understanding where the children stand. I would not want to have aguments with my husband cause daddy's little girl wants his attention.... It is funny to see each other's perspective on taking sides with the children.

BABE PLUS said...

Thanx for the tips o jare, alot of Sistas have refused to understand men, i know its really annoying cos we think differently from us but like u said it would be less annoying if u just tell him what u want and include him in decision making. He cant read ur mind so u have to OPEN UR MOUTH AND SPEAK OUT.

Obinwanne said...

you're post is so true...keep it going


okay, I really needed to read that. It's not that I didn't know it already, but sometimes, someone else has to remind you of certain things.

Thank you for reminding me. I just gave my hubby a kiss but will go give him a longer and sweeter one!

Bola said...

Saying I love you is a vital part of marriage,don't assume your partner knows,tell him/her all the time so he/she won't be carried away when told by someone outside the marriage,usually someone looking to snatch the partner.
Great post naijawife.