August 15, 2007

Bedroom love note

Here are more suggestions on where to leave or hide love notes for your spouse in your bedroom.

On your mate's pillow.

In one of your spouse's shoes.

In a suit pocket.

In one of your partner's drawers.

Leave a note in your spouse's trouser pocket.

Inside his car.

In underwear drawer.

Inside a teddy popped up against a pillow.

In his/her wallet.

Tag "I love you." on the door.

Leave them in his laptop bag.

Inside the pocket of one of his shirts, so when he found it,it's going to put a smile on his face.!

Put “I Love You” notes in each pair of socks.

Tucked in packed clothing ... in pockets of garments or in toiletries bag etc.

Put one note in his foldeld underwear, i know it sounds funny but when he sees the paper falling he picks it up and reads it.

I hope you like my ideas.



Alright, I am off to leave that silly hubby of mine a note. I am sure he will like the surprise.

Hope you are well!

anijawife said...

My sister i dey kampe,just the stress of work and kids that leave me no time to really write these days but no wahala and please do,they all like it when we pamper them with love but them no want to dey show am bcos of their ego but iam sure they care

nne said...

i just read through most of your blog....i had to stop, cause you remind me of my mum. Me o, i admire women like you, i lack the patience or ability to tolerate this kind of "yeyeness." i watched my mum & my aunts chop and i swore i would never. I am married and ur blog is like a movie to me....i thought it was only men of my father's generations that acted like this. IT is well. I will pray that all works out for you and you keep getting the strength to keep going. IT SHALL BE WELL.

Oracle said...

Those are really nice places to keep the notes.

I think Love is meant to be celebrated and refreshed every morning.
And i also think you're talking fom experience

Babawilly said...

Good idea; this leaving notes everywhere